Chuck E Cheese Deals!

   Today my son and hubby are going to have a "daddy son day" and they are going to spend their time at Chuck E Cheese! What a fun place for kids! I researched and found some pretty good deals. I first, signed up with their website here and they sent me 4 different coupons, to receive packets of drink, pizza and tokens at a good price! Then I found they have reward calendars to print out and let your child earn 10 free tokens if they do something good for 2 weeks. You can also print out their Valentine cards (expires 3/2/11) and use one for one child, receiving 5 more free tokens! And lastly, here is the Ticket Blaster! An online game that gives you the chance to earn 30 free tickets! Just print out your reward when finished and take it to Chuck E Cheese with you. So if Chuck E Cheese is in your near future..I would suggest you check out these deals :-)
And have fun!!

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