Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Toilet Paper Search

What kind of toilet paper do you use?
I have been on the search for the best kind for myself...Kind of a funny post I know...but I'm tired of odd toilet paper... and the search is fun too! :P One day we bought several different brands of small roll toilet paper and here's the status on it so far.

Quilted Northern: Soft but leaves too much linty dust in the bathroom
Charmin: Soft but too thick and also linty
SCOTT-Naturals: A little stiff, it's manageable but preferably a no go on it.
Angel Soft: Tears too easily and it is thin
White Cloud: Soft and the right thickness for my liking. I found it the best so far but the downfall is it is only sold at Walmart!

And that is my status on The Toilet Paper Search so far :)

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