Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NetGalley Digital Book Review

I joined NetGalley thinking I was able to review more books...which I can...but only digital books. I don't have a kindle or any sort of digital book reader...and I prefer actual paperback/hardback I was kind of bummed about that. But I went ahead and reviewed a book with them. The book is titled "Big Box For Ben" written by Deborah Bruss. It is a children's book, about a boy who has a big box and imagines all kinds of fun happenings in it. Cute illustrations, would love for it to be longer though :) If I had the actual book, I think my son would enjoy it!! :)

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  1. My original story was long enough for a picture book. My current editor at Star Bright was handed an overly simplified story (by previous editor) with the illustrations already done. Fortunately, this current editor - a dynamite woman - helped me breathe life back into the story. Would you vote for sequels?


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