Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bounce It Off Millions Contest!-OVER

Need help answering a question? Go on over to Bounce's Facebook Page
They're having a "bounce it off millions" contest where you can ask a question to Bounce and they will turn it into a poll, having others vote on the best answer for you! For an example, I asked Bounce: "If you could only have ONE of these appliances, would you have?:"
 "A Washer" or "A Dryer" VOTE on my poll HERE.

To celebrate the 4 weeks of Bounce It Off Millions, Bounce will choose 4 lucky users to win 
a grand prize, which will be: Turning your Question into a Facebook-wide Advertisement 
for all to see...inviting 150+ MILLION people to help you on your decision!!

Bounce also has a place to enter their sweepstakes to win 2 Bounce Dryer Bars. 
5,000 winners will be chosen for this! So get on over and enter Bounce's contests! 
Ends September 17th, 2011. Check it Out!! :)

I participated in this campaign as a member of One2One Network and am eligible for a prize drawing. 
All opinions stated in the post are my own.

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