Friday, September 30, 2011

High Chair Oh High Chair

When I was little, I had one of those cute, wooden, Jenny Lind style high chairs. I saw pictures of me in it and I just thought it was so cute, I wanted to have one when I have a daughter. Only for a girl though. I've already had my boy and don't really see myself using it for a boy..because It just feels more girly to me...So I was searching Craigslist one day and came across that same high chair!! Except this one is painted black, which I prefer anyway because it matches more of a modern style then the darker wood I had as a little girl.

So my hubby went and picked it up for me. (This was awhile back.) I've had it in my shed for months now...because at the moment, we're not even trying for a girl yet...(hubby's decision haha) so it's just been sitting out there. When we do decide to have another baby, it's still a 50% chance it will even be a girl...and if it ends up being a boy...we will adopt a daughter, but that could be years from now. I'm hoping hubby will decide on us having another baby within the next year or two, and that it will be a girl lol..but still..that high chair is just sitting around taking up space. It also has a lot more cons at this point. It has no belt, I'm worried the previous owner might have painted it with lead based paint which would equal not suitable for eating on anyway, it's wobbly, has no cushions, and the tray is a pain to take on and off! A lot of complaints, I know...Well I thought I could just tighten the screws to make it not so wobbly...that I could sew my own, or just buy, a seat cushion from Carousel Designs
and that I could buy a belt to screw onto it. But if it's lead based paint, it's a no all the way around...But I did find this adorable place mat idea from Killer B Designs that might replace that thought too.

Then I find cute garden ideas from Junk Market Style and think how adorable this would be!

But living in apartments, 
it's kind of a big thing to be hauling around, til we settle into a house....

I look at this high chair and see so much potential..
but I think I question it more then anything. How do I know I'm even going to want to go through with it all??
You know, the highchair stuff. I mean, it sounds easy enough, but who knows if it's worth it.

So here this high chair the indecisive thoughts of: "Should I sell it?" "Should I keep it?"

*Update: I ended up selling it
and still no baby girl :(

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