Back To It

Today is my hubbys day back to school and work, after a two month vacation! Kinda sad to not have him around every day all day long and getting to have fun every day. Back to the real world today though. And it is suppose to be my son's back to homeschooled preschool day too but he is sick :( I had his school work all planned out the night before, hoping he'd be better by the morning so we could get school done and then go on a "field trip" to his grandma's house to celebrate her birthday...But looks like it will have to be pushed off for another day when he is better. I guess a sickness is going around again. Filled with coughing, runny noses, and sore throats. I sure hope he gets better soon though or I will be taking him to the doctor soon! His cough sounds terrible.

On a good note, I made myself get up at 5am (but my mind woke me at 4:30 am lol) and I got up and did some stretching and got a good heart healthy 30minute workout in and shower so I'm feeling very refreshed and rejuvenated. Sometimes waking up early to get stuff done, when no one else is awake, feels so good.

Today is going to be a pretty relax day I think. The weather is gloomy overcast and rain is expected. It is quiet and calm since my son is resting on the couch. So looks like I get to catch up on some blogging and computer stuff today. The house is already clean ( I like to keep it that way) So looks like I'm going to have a pretty good comfortable day! :)

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