Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guess Who's Birthday It Is?!!

Today is my birthday!! I wasn't really looking forward to turning another year older.. because I realized...I AM getting older lol...I'm only 24 today, but I'm beginning to realize just how fast I'm working my way to 30!
I would always say the good ol' "It's just another day" line...but it's not. It's my birth day. The day that brought me into this world. The day that makes me live on. And I love my life. Sure everyone reaches rocky paths but life is such a great thing, so many blessings, amazing people, and all together a grand adventure to experience.

So I decided I will take my birthday's in stride with a smile on my face and celebrate myself living another year :) ....And I figure, I LOVE to celebrate everyone around me's birthdays.. so why not celebrate my own also!?!

...Cuz in the really gotta love yourself too...


  1. Happy Birthday to you!!! It's nice to see another young blogger (I'm 22) posting about deals and reviews!

    Hope you enjoy your birthday! :)


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