Sunday, January 8, 2012

366 Project: The Past 8 Days

I just joined the 365project! I've always heard about it but never knew what it was...if you're in that position now, I will tell you what it is.

The 365 Project is where you document your life in a photo a day, for a year. It can be any kind of photo. A self portrait, something you've been doing that day, anything you want to take a photo of that may symbolize your day. Then you just upload it to the site to share it with others. The site allows you to make friends with other people, and favorite others photos. Even get tips for your own photo ideas.

Seems like an interesting, fun kind of thing to do so Im'a do it :)

Being that it's a Leap Year this year, it's called The 366 Project.

BUT...I am 8 days behind (being that this is January 8th and not the 1st) So I better get busy and upload the past 8days worth :)

Here our my past 7 days worth of photos, and #8 being for today :)

#1: 366 days
Our New Year Dinner. lol. A nice hefty bowl of homemade chilli with cornbread muffin and curly fries! All topped with cheese. Yuuum..

#2: 365 days
My son was being silly when I was trying to take a pic of him with my phone. Luckily I took this photo on the 2nd, otherwise I wouldn't have had a #2 photo!

#3: 364 days
Hubby made dinner. Sukiyaki meat stir fry with egg rolls and a vegetable sticky bun.

#4: 363 days
Crafting with the lil man. A snowman craft from his sensory box.

#5: 362 days
Homemade Vegetable Soup.

#6: 361 days
Making clay pots with my lil man, using his kid pottery wheel kit.

#7: 360 days
A GIANT green grape!! Found this in the store bought bag of grapes we got on our grocery trip.

And lastly the photo for TODAY.....
#8: 359 days
The sea sensory bin I put together in 2 minutes for my son today :)

Thanks for looking! Be sure to follow up for each days new photo :)

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