Bringing in 2012

2012 is here! A new year..full of new things to come!

I have kind of a nervous feeling to the new year because this is the year my son will begin Kindergarten. Within the next few weeks we need to enroll him in the school we want to put him in! This is nerve wrecking for me..a bittersweet emotion I have.. because I have never left him in the care of another person-except my mom, rarely. I didn't put him in preschool because I have been teaching him at home. So it's kind of scary to me to be away from him for 3hrs each day. I know 3hrs isn't much and when it comes down to it, I will probably end up enjoying the alone time! At least that's what everyone tells me...My son is excited to start school though so that makes me happy. He is such a smart boy and loves to learn and make friends so I think he will do fine but it's still tugging on my mama emotions :)

My husband will be graduating college this year too. In June! Which means we will be relocating once again...and the location depends on where he gets a job. This also plays a roll in where we're placing our son at school. If we move out of this town, we have too find a new school for him. So much unknown. Leaves me nervous.

I also turn 25 this year. I know 25 is still young...but the thought of being half way to 30 is scary! LOL. Seems like, once you hit a certain age, you age faster! Haha. Kinda crazy...And my husband turns 27...Time is really flying by.

We ALSO...might bring up the idea of trying for baby #2 this year. It's something we've..(well...more I lol) have been toying with the idea of it.....................


So it's a crazy happy exciting yet keeping me on the edge, kind of New Year.

Things to come..Decisions to make..But it's gonna be a great year.

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