TREAT Fathers Day Cards

Father's Day is coming up on June 17th! That's in about 3 Weeks! 
Do you have something great planned out for your daddy, or your children's daddy??

TREAT. cards (which is Tiny Prints new partner site) has some great Father's Day cards!!  They have em for daddy's, papas, grandpas, husbands...
And if you sign up with them, your first card is FREE!   
Treat also gives you the option to add a gift card from top retailers 
(such as Amazon, iTunes, Target & more) in any greeting card. 
You can import birthdays from Facebook and set up reminders, 
and even schedule cards for delivery up to year in advance!!

It was slightly emotional, looking through all of TREAT's Father's Day cards =) One of my best memories with my dad was getting to skip school and go on business trips with him :) Sadly, I don't have my dad anymore..he died when I was 15 years old :( But I do have a wonderful husband who is an amazing daddy to our son, so I will be celebrating Father's Day for him :)

  I see some great cards I have in mind..
                    as well as on:

You can win 10 Tokens to get 10 free cards to give away to your loved ones,
Just enter my giveaway on raffle-copter below and I will pick a winner by June 3rd.


This post is made possible by Treat & Tiny Prints in exchange for my review, in which I will be compensated. 


  1. melinda sue fritzJune 3, 2012 at 6:59 PM

    wana win my dad is in heaven but wanna win 4 daughter to give to step dad

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. If the first winner does not work out, pick me!;) My Hubby needs a good card!

  2. Hi Amanda I'll be giving cards to my father-in-law because he's a great father I have adopted him as mine.One for my hubby as he is daddy to our 2 beautiful furbabies Giz-Moe 15 and Miss Abbeegaile Von Velvetears just turned 1 in April. I'll find good uses for others.Abbee seen as puppy as profile picture.

  3. Where are my manners??? Thank you so much Amanda!!!


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