Friday, February 15, 2013

Blog Page Makeover

It's been over a year so I decided my blog page is due for a makeover. I've been trying hard to figure out what I would like my page look like, and I came to the conclusion, I'm just not yet talented enough to do exactly what I had in mind and I didn't really want to pay someone else to do it, because after is my blog page. So I decided to give my hand at drawing on a tablet. I drew a t-Rex which is suppose to be eating a's a bit messy but it's a start for a beginner ;) The cutesie chevron/heart design is from "The Cutest blog On The Block" as well as the chalkboard background, but the t-Rex is all mine ;)

I also updated my Facebook and Twitter photos so be sure to check them out!

Hope you like it!

    Oh and friendly feedback is always welcome! :)

P.S. above is my 2nd hand drawing on the tablet... :) I will be eventually making some bloggy buttons!

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