Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wiskin' Wafflez #49

Here's a list of goodies I've whisked up in the past month:

Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Home Party kit, Seventh Generation Free Laundry Soap coupon, Green Mountain Keurig Coffee Samples, Fish Hippie Sticker, Baby Bandana Bibs to review, Stolina Baby Swaddling/Receiving Blankets to review, Baffle Wildlings Games of Thrones Baby Onesie to review, Energems Chocolate sample, Freebie coupons from QFC, Mott's Apple Cherry Juice to review from Smiley36-, Pure Protein Crunch Balls to review from Smiley360, Vitafusion Prenatal Vitamins to review, Aeromax Jr. Inflatable Space Shuttle to review, Fitglam Wireless Seamless Motherhood Maternity Nursing Bra for review, Elegant Comfort pillowcase set to review, Revelae Cozy sleeper for Baby to review, Doctors Sleep Mouth Guards to review, Duoboard Cutting Board/Serving Tray to review,  Santa Cruz Agua Fresca juices + more to review, Sprout Vox Box to review, peroxi clear contact solution sample, Cal EZ sample, Bamboo velour washcloths to review, can opener to review, + more. 

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