Dr. Suess Storytime!

Today, all Target stores held a story time session on Dr. Seuss. We took our son to it and he enjoyed sitting in the circle of kids, getting to listen to the employers, dressed in their Dr. Seuss items, reading the Dr. Seuss books! Each child was given a fun goody bag too! The goody bag's were filled with special treats including: An apple juice juice-box, fruit snacks, chickadee crackers, a Target napkin, stickers, a coloring book, crayons, coupons, and trivia bookmarks. It was an enjoyable time for my son, getting to listen to stories and interact socially. Made a good impression on him because while walking away from it, he says "Mama can we maybe go to one of these again sometime??" :) And I of course said, yes. :)

Don't forget...Dr. Seuss' Birthday is March 2nd!!

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