Dealing With Your First Child Going To University

As a parent, you will probably appreciate how difficult it can be when your children go to university, especially when this happens for the first time in your family. It is one of those rites of passage that every family goes through, and it’s just something that you will need to learn how to get through, as emotional and difficult as it can be. As it happens, however, there are some things you can do to make sure that this is as easy as possible.

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In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the things that you need to do in order to manage your children going to university a lot more easily and effectively. If you can do the following, you should find that this is a much easier thing to deal with for all involved.

See It As A Transition

This is in essence one of life’s many transitional periods, and one that can actually be quite joyous if you approach it in the right way. It can certainly help to think of it in these terms, especially if you find yourself fretting about it. As long as you can see it in this way, you’ll probably find that it is a lot easier to deal with.

Remember that it is a big transition not just for you, but for your child as well, and their siblings too. If you can remember that, you will probably find that it is a lot easier to manage on the whole, and that you are going to be able to get through it together so much more easily and quickly.

Talk About It

It’s hugely helpful if you can manage to talk openly about the whole experience and process with your children. The family that is able to talk about it together is going to find it so much easier to manage and to process. That is one of those things that you are absolutely going to find can make a huge difference, so it’s worth trying to set some time aside before they go to talk about it.

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They may or may not be willing, but even if you have just tried, you should find that this helps. And you might be able to improve how you feel about it, as well as how they feel about it a bit too. All in all, that is going to help a lot.

Keep In Touch

One of the most important things you can do as a family is to make sure that you are keeping in touch. There are many ways to do this, and it’s something that is going to be very important for you to consider. You’ll find that you are much more likely to actually cope with the emotions easily, so that’s something that you are certainly going to need to consider. And it’s going to mean the relationship can remain strong too.

So what are some of the ways you might choose to keep in touch with your child when they are at university? One of the best, and simplest, is to send each other messages, whether you do so digitally or in a more traditional way, such as through letter-writing. In any case, it’s going to be a great way to keep in touch, and a really simple way too.

Beyond that, you might want to occasionally have a set time with one another. You can use this to call each other, meet up if you are close by, or watch something together even at a distance - you can find out how to watch netflix together here if you want to do so.

However you do it, keeping in touch will be really important to do.

Give It Time

All in all, you just need to make sure that you are allowing some time for all of these changes to settle in. It can take a long time, sometimes, before you and your child develop a new relationship together, one that is going to be beneficial for you both. So be patient and try to bear that in mind. As long as you remember to do that, you'll find it is so much easier for you both. Conversely, if you try to force anything, it’s unlikely to work as well.

Those are the main things to think about when your child goes to university and you are trying to learn how to handle it.

10 Simple Ways To Keep Your House Looking Tidy

 If you find your house isn't looking too clean and you just don't have the time or energy to do the things you need to do to get it tidy, here are 10 different ways that you can fake it til you make it. These tips will give your house a mini facelift for the in-between phase of going from messy to organized. 

1. Keep Your Counters Clear of Junk

2. Fluff Your Couch Pillows

3. Have a Nearby Basket To Hold Clutter Until You Can Put It Away

4. Dust Low Areas With Your Socks (Still On Your Feet!)

5. Wipe Counters As You Go

6. Keep Hand Towels Straightened

7. Tidy Bed With A Fluff Of The Blankets

8. If You Have The Money, Invest in a Robot Vacuum to Keep Your Floors Clean

9. Minimize the Amount of Knick Knacks You Have In Your House

10. Wash The Dishes After Every Use So They Don't Stack Up in the Sink

These easy tips will help you keep your home looking clean and tidy until you have enough energy to get the deeper cleaning done.


A Relaxing Movie Night Watching: Surprised by Oxford


   Based on a true story and memoir of Carolyn Weber, Surprised by Oxford is a deep and emotional story about main character Caro Drake, and her trials through life, which includes getting accepted into a prestigious college, with the goal and desire to receive a PhD. Upon Caro's new life in Oxford, she meets several people, including a young man, that she finds herself falling in love with. This begins a new path in her life, where she begins tearing down walls and dealing with past emotions that have taken up such a large space in her heart.

   I am a big fan of Memoirs and always interested when they become movies. Watching Surprised by Oxford was a great, relaxing film to watch and wind down for the night. One that pairs well with wine and chocolate ♡ I loved the acting portrayed by actress Rose Reid, it was very well done --with Caro's wit and strength she carried, even though her heart harbored pain from her past, it was very uplifting end enjoyable to see. You could feel the emotions build up and watching it all unfold, as she ponders some big questions in life. Watching this gave me the desire to read the Memoir this movie was based on, as I think it would be interesting! However, I feel like the movie was rushed in plot, yet dragged on and needed to fill in the silence with more information. I would have liked to see more story line in there, but overall as a whole, it was engaging and makes for a calm movie night.  

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Are High Waisted Leggings Better?

The fashion world is changing, and there are new trends on the corner with each passing day. One such trend is the increasing use of high waisted leggings. These leggings have their waistbands above the belly button, which is extremely comfortable to wear. That’s one reason these leggings are popular among people with different body types and shapes.
However, some people counter by asking if high waisted leggings are really better than the low-rise leggings. So, with this article, we are sharing a few benefits!
1. Improved Comfort
When it comes down to these leggings, they have coined their name for a comfortable fit. That’s because when they sit higher on your waist, you will get more support and coverage for the midsection. In addition, the extra coverage will shape and smooth your stomach area, so you will feel more comfortable and confident in the body. 
The best thing is that these leggings won’t dig into your skin or roll down, which means you won’t have to adjust them constantly. 


2. More Styling Options 
 Another benefit of these leggings is their versatility, which means you can create a variety of outfits and OOTDs that you won't get tired of. for instance, you can pair it with your most comfortable wireless bra, tunics, crop tops, and sweaters. What we love about these leggings is that you can dress them down or up, so you can use them for semi-formal as well as casual events. 

Topping it all, you will have the option to tuck in the shirt, which leads to a complete and put-together look. So, once you have it, you won't want to stop experimenting. 














3. Increased Coverage  
 One of the best benefits of leggings is that they promise higher coverage for your body. In fact, it's a recommended choice for women who like to cover their lower back or midriff area. Even more, the coverage provided by high-waisted leggings is suitable for chilly weather, and you will be able to create modest looks as well. 














4. Better Body Confidence
 Everyone wants to look amazing all the time, but it's not possible to decide on an outfit every other day. For all those times, you should purchase leggings because they help create a flattering appearance. They help contour the legs so they look more toned. In simpler words, you will get an elongated silhouette, and the waist will appear slimmer as well. As a result, you will have way more confidence in your body.














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5. Extra Insulation & Warmth
The leggings are  designed to offer an extra layer, which increases   warmth and insulation. For this reason, people love them for colder seasons. In fact, pairing them with boots, coats, and long sweaters will be easier, so you can be stylish yet cozy! 
6. Posture Support 
Last but not least, the best benefit of these leggings is better posture support. That’s because they have a higher waistband, which improves the posture because your lower back will be supported. In fact, this support will be suitable for people who have desk jobs and need to spend time in front of the screens.

How Every Crafter Can Start Becoming More Eco-Friendly


For the most part, crafting is known for being eco-friendly; it’s all about using what you already have and turning it into something else. Getting around to upcycling even the most simple of things, such as leaves, can be pretty rewarding. While crafting is usually instantly connected with eco-friendly practices, it’s not always like that. Think of craft stores; there are plenty of cheap and single-use plastic items, plenty of foam, which is awful for the environment, and more than enough items that will go straight to the landfill after use. 

So half of the crafting industry is good and working to help the environment, and it’s like there’s this other half that’s working against it. But with that said, wherever you fall in this, there’s always room for improvement, and there’s always room for making positive changes for the world. So, here’s how every crafter can become more eco-friendly!

Always Upcycle and Repurpose When You Can

One of the most eco-friendly approaches to crafting is upcycling and repurposing materials; these are usually done the most when it comes to crafting, so if you’re doing this, then keep up the good work! Before you toss old clothes, furniture, or household items, consider how they can be transformed into something new and exciting. In general, upcycling not only reduces waste but also adds a creative challenge to your crafting. One rule of thumb is to use what you have before buying something else, and if you’re buying something else, get it from the thrift store first (or secondhand) before buying it brand new from a store. 

Focus on More Eco-Friendly Crafts

Not all crafts are eco-friendly; think of faux flower arrangements; those are almost always made from plastic, which isn’t able to decompose, and the floral foam used is harmful to the environment, too. So, instead, switch to real flowers and chicken wire. This is just one example, but there are plenty of crafts out there which isn’t exactly eco-friendly, so it’s best to switch to ones that use little to no waste or are able to easily decompose. 
Just think of stickers, for example. You can make these with your computer (which nowadays doesn’t need much energy to run), and you can focus on printing your own sheet stickers with eco-friendly paper and eco-friendly ink. It’s just a small example, but in general, always look into eco-friendly crafts rather than doing any harmful ones. 

Look into Sustainable Materials

When purchasing materials for your crafts, it’s going to be best to go ahead and opt for sustainable and eco-friendly options. Meaning that you’ll want to look for supplies made from recycled or organic materials. Some great examples would be using hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, and recycled paper, and oftentimes, these can be easily found in craft shops on and offline. 

Avoid Single-Use Plastics

Ideally, try to avoid these at all costs. Unfortunately, there are a lot of single-use plastics when it comes to craft supplies; it’s a bit disheartening in a way. 

Consider the Adhesives You’re Using

Did you know that not all adhesives are environmentally friendly? It seems small, but even this can make a big difference. So, you’re going to want to select eco-friendly glues and adhesives that are non-toxic and water-based. You can just do some research on this and find an affordable brand that works for you. 

Everything You Need to Know About Making Stickers

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No matter how old you get, there’s still one thing that’s always a delight, and that’s stickers. There’s just something nostalgic and simplistic, but yet so fun about stickers. It’s just one of those fun crafts that’s literally for all ages; it’s safe and overall easy to enjoy, too. Generally speaking, stickers are a versatile and fun way to express yourself, promote your brand (if you’re a business owner), or add a personal touch to various items.

Nowadays, stickers are surprisingly easy to make. At one point in time, you had to have special equipment, something usually only major businesses could get, but it’s not like that anymore. So, even though stickers are far more simplistic to make nowadays, it’s still important to get an idea of the process, storage, and the general ins and outs that are needed. So, here’s everything you need to know!

It All Starts Out with Design

For the most part, there are different ways to make stickers; you can directly draw on label paper and just cut out shapes, press flowers and sandwich them in between clear tape, or even just print some random clip art stickers on label paper and simply cut them out, too. As you can see, these are all incredibly simplistic and easy to do.  But if you’re wanting to take this up a notch, whether it be a serious hobby, you want to express yourself better, or even create a potential business idea, then you could get design software or even use something as simplistic as ProCreate on your iPad and draw and design potential sticker ideas on there too.

Consider the File Format

So, one thing you’re going to want to keep in mind is the file format. So it’s not going to be as simplistic as just printing off a picture on label or sticker paper; there’s actually going to need to be a bit more to look into. So, you’ll need to ensure your design is in a high-resolution format, typically 300 DPI (dots per inch), to guarantee sharp printing quality. So, whether this is going to be nothing more than a fun hobby, easy gift, or for a business, be sure to look at this closely. 

Printing and Materials Count

So, when it comes to printing stickers, you don’t need to stick to just label paper; it’s a great example of paper that anyone could easily use when picking up this rewarding craft, but when it comes to materials, this isn’t necessarily the only one out there either. So, it’s best to keep in mind that there are various methods for printing stickers, including digital, offset, and screen printing.

For the most part, prices range, so if you’re doing this as nothing more than a hobby, getting the cheapest one is best. You’re also going to want to think about mil thickness for the stickers, lamination, and whether or not you want it vinyl, too. So, generally speaking, this is where the quality is going to be at, but it’s also where you’re going to be spending the money at too when it comes to this hobby. 


Trying Out Several Goodies in My First Healthy Snack Box

  Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own.
Who doesn't love snacks? I know I do! And I loved trying all the products in my first Healthy Snack Box! So many good items and so fun to explore each one. Check out all the snacks I received and what I thought of them, below.
Quinn Whole Grain Sea Salt Pretzels - They are nicely flavored and have a good taste throughout. They are a bit harder than the average pretzel though, so I would have liked them to be a little softer. Overall, they make an excellent snack and a good amount comes in the bag. WOW Soft Baked Birthday Cake Cookie - This cookie has the perfect soft texture, but the flavor was a bit surprising. It tastes so sweet and buttery, which you would imagine would make the greatest cookie... But I think they use to much sugar in the ingredients because the sweetness is a bit over powering. Mozaicz Real Veggie BBQ Chips - I received the BBQ flavored Chips to try and I really love them! They have a great flavor and the texture is a soft crisp. I like that they're healthier for you than other chips. I want to try all their flavors! Pure Organic Layered Fruit Bar - I received the Raspberry Lemonade Fruit Bar and I was actually surprised how well I liked it. The texture is like a nice soft gummy and the taste was really good and fruity. A tad sweater then I would like but overall very yummy. Ancient Provisions Cheddar Cheezish Crackers - These crackers kind of taste like a wheat Cheezit. It's good at first and great to be Gluten Free, but then the after taste is so strange, that it does not leave me desiring more. The Good Bean Crispy Favas - I received Crispy Sea Salt Favas to try, and I love the salty taste and the texture is really nice! They're not too hard to eat, they have the perfect crispiness to them. But I can only eat a few at a time before I start not liking them. I guess this is good so I don't binge eat on them, like I would a bag of Doritos lol. Annie's Bunny Grahams Friends - I love Bunny Grahams! I like that these packs have all the flavored bunnies in them, and a lot of them too! But they're so tiny, that most of the bunnies were broken. Either way, they still make a delicious snack. Made Good Chocolate Drizzled Bar - I was most looking forward to trying this bar because it looked so pretty and good. The first bite into it is pretty sweet, but the aftertaste of the bar is strange. I was really interested in the ingredients, seeing there's even veggies in there, but that aftertaste is a little too much for me. QULA Queen of Cups Kombucha Tabs - I've never been a big fan of kombucha but I actually like these little tabs. They're so easy to use, and the taste is actually pretty good. The tablet dissolves fairly quickly, and I love the guava rose taste. I've tried the tabs in both tap and sparkling water, and though they both dissolved the same, it definitely wins in sparkling for that love of carbonation.
This has been a fun box of snacks to try and I enjoyed trying each one!  
Which snack do you think would be your favorite?
   Interested in getting your own box of snacks to try? 
   Become a member of Healthy Snack Boxes, (its free to join!) and wait til you get chosen for your own free box of tasties to experience. 
I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review and compensation.. All opinions my own.