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Getting Into A Good Nights Sleep Routine


If you’re struggling to get a good nights sleep in, following a nightly routine will help your body wind down for the night and get into resting mode. Below is a list of helpful tips to give you a better nights sleep.

  • Take a warm bath or shower.
  • Put on your comfiest pajamas.
  • Keep the home temperature cooler.
  • Try a Red Light Therapy Mask nightly.
  • Apply moisturizer to face and body.
  • Get Cozy under a Weighted Blanket, literal hug to the body.
  • Opt for reading a book in bed, instead of being on your phone.
  • Spray bedding with a sleepy scent such as lavender.
  • Rest your head on a Mulberry Silk Pillowcase.
  • Use a White Noise Machine to drown outside sounds out.
  • Use an Eye Mask for complete darkness. 
  • Take an occasional Sleep Supplement for a deeper rest.

I hope following through with at least some of these tips will help you find that you begin getting a better nights rest, waking up feeling more refreshed and ready for each and every day! 

How to Create the Ultimate Party Look with Popilush Shapewear

It's not always easy to choose festive looks, because celebrations require a
memorable look so that you remember that special moment with happiness and

So take the opportunity to invest in clothes that make you stand out, like a
slimming bodysuit. Additionally, include shine, colors and accessories that can
make you even more beautiful. Popilush is assertive as it has shapewear for all
your needs.

Can I have shapewear that can be worn at any type of party?
Yes! A bodysuit shapewear with an invisible effect is an essential piece in your
closet. It's perfect because it defines your curves under any clothes. So, you
can have the body of your dreams by wearing a low-cut wedding dress or a
prom outfit with an exposed back and still show off a great shape.

The transparent wings adjust flexibly and together with the thong, it makes your
look much softer and sexier. 


How can I dress for a more casual party?
You can wear a dress that offers full body shaper, the famous shapewear dress
favorite of many women. Along with it, combine simple accessories, a beautiful
hairstyle and soft makeup, even more so if this party is in the morning. An
important day to enjoy the party to the fullest is to choose a piece that gives you

Therefore, a dress with built in shapewear offers an interesting proposal as it is
made from modal, soft and breathable fabric. You can dance and move freely
and remain beautiful until the end of the event.

This type of dress has a body shaper that comes underneath, so it doesn't
leave any type of marking under the clothes, but it defines the belly, butt, hips
and thighs. The open reinforcement makes your trips to the bathroom easier,
making it an important resource to optimize your time.


And for a formal party, which shapewear dress should I wear?
There are so many interesting options. So the main advice here is to choose a
piece that best fits your personal style. For gala events, choose long dresses.
You can combine a piece made from fabric that imitates satin, with an
exuberant hairstyle and accessories rich in stones. Gold earrings can help
create a luxurious look.

The twisted V-neckline is cute and makes your waist look even slimmer. The
transparent elastic provides ideal support for the bust that also aligns your
posture. Pair with metallic textured heel sandals to be the queen of any night

    You can also choose a shapewear dress that delivers boldness through an off-
    the-shoulder shape or with a one-shoulder design to create an asymmetrical
    figure that is highly desired by women this year, being an important fashion
    trend. These dresses emphasize the upper region more, so you can take
    advantage of this to draw attention to the neck, shoulders and collarbone area.

Quote to Pause and Just Be Happy

 “Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.” ― Guillaume Apollinaire 

Celebrate Multicultural Children’s Book Day With Me #ReadYourWorld

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own. 

   Did you know that January 25 is Multicultural Children's Book Day? There are so many amazing books out there that help us understand each others cultures and heritage better, but they are not widely shared. Multicultural Children's Book Day is a time set aside to focus on sharing, so you can learn about the vast variety that is out there! I received a few books to review and share with you... Check them out below! 


Beautiful Rainbow World” by Suzee Ramirez and Lynne Raspet. This book is filled with beautiful images of children around the world, reminding us of the beauty that we are all together.It is made to be a sing along or a read, and children of all ages can enjoy it.

 “Together Til’ The End - Ife’s Incredible Friends” by Dr. Tee Tee and illustrated by Rolando DeCastro III. I love the story to this, and the way it introduces different cultures and shares differences people face. It’s such a good book for little ones and would be perfect to add to a homeschooling collection. There’s so much teaching and the illustrations are adorable!


Belinda Lifts Her Voice” by Luisa Orellana-Castillo, Brizel Martinez Cruz, and Camila Melany De la Luz Villegas with illustrations by Romeo Montero. This is a book about a little girls strength to keep pushing for what is right. The pages are written bilingual in English and Spanish, and would be great for a language class! 


"Food For The Future - Sustainable Farms Around the World" by Mia Wenjen and illustrations by Robert Sae-Heng, This beautiful book is about discovering several different ways that people around the world care for our planet and grow us the food we eat. I love that this book has definitions on every page, and details in the back of the book, to bring more information on farms and locations.

Every single on of these books I received for review were all excellent reads. They work so well at explaining different scenarios to children, and would be fantastic for using in your homeschool or school classrooms, or even just reading with your children at home.

I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions my own.

8 Methods Of Supporting A Cause You Care About


Pexels - CC0 License

The term “be the change you wish to see in the world” can seem reductive, but it’s ultimately true. If we wish other people were more patient, exercising patience can be a fantastic method of leading by example. If we want to experience more kindness, expressing kindness will often see that energy reflected at us. Moreover, although many of us are limited in what we can achieve as individuals, that doesn’t mean our contributions are worthless. Far from it, in fact.

For this reason, if you intend to support a cause you care about, knowing where to start is the only thing holding you back. Perhaps you hope to raise awareness about an illness that a loved one is suffering, or you intend to be an advocate for a cause that you do empathize with. Supporting a cause you care about can help us feel like we’re contributing, especially at the local level.

In this post, we’ll detail eight methods you can take to perfect that cause-first approach, inspiring you to get out there and deliver the worth you’re more than capable of.

Researching The Cause

Sometimes, just learning about the cause can be enough. It may feel as though you need to immediately spread awareness but don’t forget other people are doing that too, and they would love nothing more than for you to listen. That’s all you have to do.

After all, you don’t have to learn about an illness like motor neuron disease and become an expert on it within days. Learning, listening to stories, looking into online research, and understanding the statistics for how many people are affected and what research needs to be funded can help you not only understand the condition but also resolution measures.

This way, you can avoid sitting back on easy methods of contributing (like posting to an Instagram story) and perhaps instead attend a talk given locally by an expert in the field. That’s not to say you can’t decide how far you get involved, but having deep knowledge can help you dispel misinformation and rely on trusted sources.

Volunteering Your Time

You’d be surprised just how many volunteering opportunities exist if you’re willing to get involved. For example, if you hope to help with your local homeless community, heading to the shelter and volunteering your time to feed them one night every two weeks can be a great help. You might also drive to the donation centres to reclaim them for certain shelters.

This is just one example. It might be that volunteering your time working on the local town council to put together a holiday event or fundraiser can be a wonderful idea. We often think our funds are the most important resource we have, and yes, that helps, but your time is quite literally irreplaceable. Investing that, no matter how little you have to spare, can do a world of good.

Donating Financial Resources

Making a cash donation to any charity with a good reputation can be more than enough to help a cause. It’s also wise to look into the charity and their efforts before you begin, because some of them are non-profit legally but may still spend most of their operational costs on salaries and other marketing ventures instead of paying a large percentage to the cause they support. 

But of course, this is only the most direct method of supporting, and hardly the only way you can transfer wealth to a good cause. For example, you might donate your older but still clean and usable clothes to a local charity store. Then, when that item is purchased, you’ll have effectively donated to the charity monetarily. 

Financial resources can also come through:

Participating In Fundraising Events

Fundraising can be a wonderful method of supporting a cause you care about. In fact, you can do a great deal of good and make memories for life through this process. For example, it might be that after losing a relative, you decide to train for a half-marathon in support of a cause that researches the illness they went through. You can ask for donations from family, friends or even colleagues to finish this. Not only does getting in shape and training for a fun event help you feel great, but you can spread awareness about the condition and make a very real financial contribution to it afterward. 

Not only can this help you seek a little closure from the sadness you’ve been through and the loved one you’ve lost, but in many cases charities are so grateful to work you with, they’ll help you along by providing a bib for a marathon, or other promotional materials you can use for your fundraising campaign. It’s a highly positive outcome despite experiencing something so tragic. You’ll have made a material difference you might not have been able to on your own, but it will be entirely self-led.

Starting A Non-Profit

A non-profit doesn’t have to be an international organization. It can simply be a small charity you register and take donations for, perhaps within your local community. You can even use nonprofit fundraising guides to make this more of a scheduled approach that makes the most difference over the long term. Understanding that can give you the motivation to keep going, and to keep developing bigger and better methods towards running charitable events.

Moreover, it can help you advocate for those in your local area, keeping your contributions to the community instead of a larger charity that spreads the fundraising among their many departments. If there’s an issue in your local area going unaddressed, such as activities for the youth or funding for local disability initatives, this is a wonderful way to do what you can. Who knows, maybe you’ll even expand this non-profit as time goes on?

Supporting Local Initiatives

Of course, running a non-profit is still a lot of work. Not everyone has the time for it. But you can certainly support initiatives being taken up in your community, even in small ways. For example, it might be that your local community authority is fundraising for better disability access in the town. Or maybe the proceeds of a local food festival are going to a charity you believe in.

You’d be amazed at just how many local people are willing to make a difference near you. If you need another pep in your step, it can be good to ignore all the online discourse and constant political battles and spend time helping people trying to make a difference in your community. If you ever want to feel a sense of joy and hope in the world again, that kind of exposure can make all the difference from top to bottom. 

The reality of seeing people just like you, living in the same space, making a difference and focusing on causes you care about is inspiring to say the least. Moreover, it’s more “real” than whatever topic is filling up the timeline that week. As we can see, serving others isn’t necessarily a selfless activity, because it can feel so inspiring and satisfying to take part in. Better yet, you don’t have to feel guilty about that, because your approach will have been comfortable.

Advocating For Policy Change

Should you have to get involved in local politics to make charitable contributions? Not necessarily. But it’s hard to deny that this is often where the biggest decisions get made. Sure, local councillors are hardly free to do what they want every single day, but they can certainly focus on matters that their constituents care about.

Now, we’re not here to give you a full political guide nor dictate what you should believe, of course. But it might be that adding pressure to your local political representation, voting in the local elections, and being mindful to support causes that matter to you can help you raise your voice and make yourself count. In some cases, this can help you have real traction against very real issues taking place in your area.

For example, if a local library is at threat of being closed, or an area is being gentrified and pricing out all of the small businesses, or if you find that road conditions in an area are unsafe, being very vocal about these issues can be helpful. Advocating for policy change allows you to move the needle just a tiny bit more toward the change you’re looking for.

Be Patient

As frustrating as it can be sometimes, change takes time. Sometimes, it can take a long time. But without people like you, the issue would be worse off. Moreover, you can help to inspire others who are sympathetic to your cause to take actionable steps forward, too.

When we not only speak about it, but do it, other people question if they should contribute too. Sometimes, all it takes is one courageous person to break the ranks and develop the world in a better direction. Could it be that now is your opportunity for such a calling? It’s worth asking.

With this advice, you’re certain to support that cause you care about, without losing your motivation for the topic at hand nor feeling confused as to what to do.

Kids' Interactive Baking Play Set by Pillowfort

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my honest review. All opinions my own. 

 If you and your kids love play food, then you will LOVE this adorable Interactive Baking Play Set by Pillowfort


   It comes with six different cookies from around the world, as well as an informational card explaining each cookie- it's name, describing the taste, where it originated from, and when it's often used. 
  The box, which happens to resemble an actual cookie or donut box, also contains a cloth pan to "cook" the cookies in, a spatula for serving, and a pot holder.
  Not only is this set cute and fun, but it can also be used to teach your little ones about different cookie cultures. Children everywhere will love it. 
I know I do!

Find this Fun Pillowfort Baking Set and other awesome items available at your local Target.

I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions my own.