Review on My New SHARK Vaccum

After almost 6 years of having a bigger, heavy duty, and LOUD vacuum, we decided it was time to invest in a new one. We were so tired of our ears aching from our previous, hefty vacuum, we wanted something much more compact and quieter. We were shopping in Bed, Bath & Beyond and my husband found the cordless shark one! We were able to short live, test it out, and found that it was incredibly quieter then our old one and decided to take a jump and buy this one. The cordless shark vacuum has been amazing! We have only owned it for about 2 weeks now but we love it. It makes vacuuming so much easier! Without having to have the cord tangling around or getting in the way, it makes vacuuming more enjoyable and no one is tripping over anything :) The carpet in our apartment where we stay now, is similar to gym carpet so it makes for a double easy clean up. I haven't had the chance to vacuum thicker carpet but I did try it out on my bath mat and it still sucks up, just as well. It leaves a nice clean look to it also :) I find myself using it several times a day, because between my messy 3 year old- crafts, snacks, and meals-it becomes much needed! I love that I can just plug it in at night to let it charge for the next day. I would like if the battery life lasted a bit longer, but it works all through the day and maybe a partial, next day, before needing charged. I like that it is bag less and filter less. The area that stores the dust, however, does fill up fast, depending on the messes that need cleaned, but it is still so much easier then a regular, larger vacuum. It has a bit of a "Swivel" handle so you can turn it and fit it between things. Sometimes I find myself going too fast with it and bump into the wall though! Haha. I have always been one to love vacuuming so I just find myself enjoying this more and more :) I also love that it has a switch to where you can use it on bare floors too. That helps if you don't have a lot of time to sweep. I would totally recommend this vacuum to someone who's looking for a compact piece that gets the job done. It would also be very handy to ones who have stairs in the house. You don't have to lug a long a huge base or find a spot for the cord to plug in to. I love this piece and I hope I find it lasting me a long time! :)

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