A View From Our Halloween

I love this time of year where the Holidays seem to be one right after the other. Filled with coldness that tends to make me lazy..in blogging..lol. So here is a post filled with some photos of our Pumpkin carving and Halloween. Enjoy!

 This is the pumpkin my husband carved for our son. It's suppose to be The Mask of Life from Bionicles.

Fun table decorations and Our Halloween meal :) Halloween pancakes for breakfast, Jack-o-Lantern Pizza's with carrots on the side for dinner, and candy corn cupcakes for dessert!

We all dressed up and went trick or treating :) My hubby was a barbarian, my son Wolverine, and me a witch! And here was my quick fix to witch shoes :) Black Moccasin Slippers with yellow construction paper square cutouts taped on! Extremely easy!
  We had a Happy Halloween! :)

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