Post-It's Super Sticky Adhesive Notes Reveiw

I received Post-It's Super Sticky Adhesive Notes as a free sample and was excited to try their strength out. The commercials make the sticky notes look SO to hold up a baby and a dog?! Wow! Who wouldn't want sticky notes so strong?
Well..once you try them you will be a little disappointed. They're not nearly as strong as they lead you to believe. We don't really need that sort of strength but they really shouldn't do false advertising so wrongly. I put my sticky notes to the test. I tried the heaviest thing I think the Super Sticky Notes could possibly hold, which was a bag of chips weighing in at 14 oz..much much less then a child or dog.
And these Super Sticky Notes COULD NOT hold. I paper clipped the bag of chips and the Super Sticky Note instantly dropped. I then tried a lighter piece which was a pot holder. The pot holder held! So I decided to try out a regular sticky note-one made without the Super Sticky adhesive...and what do ya know, it held too!
I began trying other items on both sets of sticky paper and they seemed to have the same strength so that was kind of a bummer. However, I did notice that the Super Sticky Notes held my keys up all day long, as the regular sticky notes dropped them about an hour into it.
So I suppose there is some difference in these adhesives, but NOTHING like they want you to believe.

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