Winter Weight Gain

Winter is here...the weather is cold...and the scale numbers are increasing.

I think the majority of people put on a little extra weight, in the cold seasons, as a way for their body to keep themselves warm....I for one, get cold REALLY easy, which in exchange, means the pounds are packing!

That and all the delicious sweets and goodies which begin in October with Halloween (Candy! Candy! Candy!)-I'm a sucker for chocolate!! ...Then there's Thanksgiving where we tend to engorge ourselves in buttery mash potatoes, stuffing, rolls, and several fat filling pies! Then there's dear ol' Heart warming foods. Really just anything comforting we can get our hands on...And lastly, New Year's where we drink too much and try to last through the next few chilling months until Spring comes.

Comfort foods are a weakness.
Cold weather makes me bundle up causing pure laziness.
And warm cookies are all too inviting.

Surviving winter is a challenge. But it doesn't have to be this way...I can change it...

If I can find the motivation to :)

But first...I will enjoy the Christmas goodies.

Because I'm making cookies...and can't forget my mom's bon bons...and brothers brownies
...{mouth drooling}...

Then maybe...just maybe...

I can stop feeling like a bear in hibernation.

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