Great Deals

The Benjamin Franklin Craft Store here has 90% off all their Christmas stuff, plus discounts on a lot of other items. I had to quickly browse though, as we had somewhere else to be within the next minutes, but I managed to pick up a few cute things for really cheap!

Gum Drop Candy Ornaments, which will be really cute for my Valentine's Decorations! (30 cents)
Monkey stickers (10cents)
Barn Yard Stickers (50cents)
And adorable summer stickers-front & back (75cents)

All came out to only $1.65! I may go back to this store when I have more time to look. I just love craft stores!

I also found some good deals at Rite Aid. --->

A whisk $1.00
A toilet Brush $1.00
And Christmas candle 25 cents.


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