Muffin Gone Donuts

I love donuts. Store bought bakery ones just have this flavor I love, that I can't seem to mimic.

My husband bought me a donut maker for my birthday awhile back, and I've been searching for the perfect recipe to make donuts, since. I came across a recipe for muffins, (I can't seem to find the link/recipe but when I do I will post.) And decided I was going to try it in my donut maker. It came out wonderful. The donuts were so fluffy and sweet. I then brushed butter over the donuts and dipped them in a sugar/cinnamon mixture.

They were sooo tasty! I decided to turn the sugar/cinnamon mixture into a glaze and mixed in powdered sugar and the melted butter. This tasted even better! I also drizzled Reese's syrup over the glaze on some of the donuts, then added sprinkles.

They were amazing!

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