My Homemade Art + Living Room

I've been trying to spice up my home with colors and here's some bathroom diy's I've done.

Polka dots on wall-made from coasters with some paint

Bought these mats at Target for super cheap

Made this myself. Painted an old wooden frame white, background is a gift bag and used some silhouette birds and confetti for design.

And here's my living room. The canvas I made :)

So I posted before on needing color in my living do you think it looks in here? On the side wall is the computer desk and chair which im fine with and on the other wall not posted, it has framed photos (black frames) with a FAMILY decal in between em and a 42inch tv on a nice stand...& a small dvd stand for our dvds and stuff. Im pleased with that side..just hope my living room looks inviting and colorful enough. I really want to replace the couch pillows-once I find new ones.. :) And the white chair over there, I can't decide if I want to keep it there or not-(its not there at this moment lol)

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