Jewelry Box Revamp

I'm excited about this because I've always wanted to revamp:restore:re-do -whatever word you want to use- A piece of furniture! And I've finally done it. I'm starting out small, first to see if I really like it (and I do! It is a great substitute for painting walls since I can't in the apartment! :D) Also, I wanted to see if it's too difficult to want to finish. Well, I finished this piece and it feels great :)

I started off with this ugly old Jewelry box-just not my style
I used Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser because I've heard great reviews on this product, which doesn't require the tough sanding! It doesn't work as well as I imagined it would, but it seems doable for now :) I'm glad I can use it indoors and it's not as time consuming. It does however, come out faster then I'd like. You pour it into a lint free cloth and rub it on the piece, in a circular motion.
Here's the Jewelry box with it's 1st coat of paint:

I painted several coats on this baby...I lost count after the 4th coat!

But here is the finished product and I am pretty pleased.

My first furniture revamp! Can't wait for my next project, 

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