My Recyclebank Wins!!

I've written a few posts about Recyclebank...that I won an awesome package , cashed in points and have gotten 3 different magazine subscriptions for free, and also won a $15 gift card to Abe's Market.

With that gift card, I chose to get a "Coffee & Cream Bar Soap" from Enzoskin, which smells delicious and also, a Luxe Tote Reusable Shopper Bag-in yellow. I was a little hesitant on the Luxe bag when I got it, because it looks much better in the photo on their website, but I am very pleased with it after I have used it. It says to hold up to 45lbs and I believe it! I love how it starts off small and compact, so it was easy to hold in my purse for a time in need. Which came to the day I walked to the store to get groceries! I bought a little more then expected, so it was a lot to carry in just two hands. Thankfully I had the Luxe bag with me! I packed all the groceries into it and was able to carry it all on one shoulder. I love this bag and hope it holds up for several uses!!

 Recyclebank is a site I definitely recommend. 
An easy way to earn points to exchange for great products!

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