Washing with Tide Pods

I received a sample of Tide Pods Laundry soap last week and gave it a try today. I love how easy and convenient the lil pods are, especially when living in an apartment and the laundry area is down the stairs and a good walk away! I can just take the amount of pods I need (1 per load) and have them sit on top of the clothing in the hamper, while I'm pulling it; instead of carrying a bottle of liquid soap, or a container or two of the powdered soap. I always seem to spill the powdered soap lol so these help out a lot with that! ;) The pods are mess free and you just throw them into the drum of the washing machine, then add your clothes and turn on the wash. Super easy. Very convenient. And a nice smell. However, I find that when I use liquid Tide, my clothes have a stronger scent on them that lasts-which I love. But these pods don't really leave a strong scent at all, so that's the downfall in my opinion. 
But they're great, form-wise and they get the job done! :)

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