Earth Day + Nat.Jelly Bean Day 2012

   April 22 was Earth Day as well as National Jelly Bean Day! I didn't have anything much planned for the day, I decided to just go with the flow of things...I wanted to challenge myself with an earth healthy activity, like I did last year with my dining decor... but my brain just couldn't push through any ideas. So I decided to just make some Earth Pancakes! :) Simple and fun for my son. I used the Heart Healthy Bisquick Pancake Mix and  separated the batter into two bowls, adding blue and green to each.After I made these pancakes and we ate, my hubby told us we had 20mintues to get ready, because he had a surprise for us. After we got all ready to go, we got in the car and he took us to the Lake :) A nice surprise!! It was great.Beautiful sunny day.

 Then for National Jellybean Day, me and my lil man made jelly bean sculptures :)

 And decorated our tree with butterfly stickers :)

 Then I read my son the book called "Dirt" written by Steve Tomecek
We had a great day :)

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