Late Post-April Fool's

   This is a way late post but I wanted to talk about April Fool's Day :)
I usually do some fun things on April Fool's to trick my son, but this year I couldn't think of any good ones, and was a little late in the searching for an idea, so I just decided to go the easy route. I was making his breakfast, as usual, and I put it on the table and told him it was ready...When he came to eat it...this is what he found......

Fake Food!! hehe..he thought it was great lol. Then I gave him his real food. After that, he kept trying to play jokes on me..the ones where he decides to say April Fool's after every single thing lol...

Later in the day, my mom played a joke on me, telling me she was getting a new dog. When they already have 2 lol...I thought she was serious, but she told me April Fool's later.

How was your April Fool's Day? If you can remember? (seeing that I'm 17 days late to post lol)

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