Shutterfly Photo Gifts Review

Shutterfly is a great place for your photo needs. They do photo printing on several items, including blankets, mugs..even iPhone Cases! And so much more. Also, when you first join, you get 50 FREE 4x6 prints for FREE, an unlimited amount of picture storage and you can pick up your prints at any Walgreen's, CVS, and Target stores near you.

You can upload your photos and choose to create anything you want, how you want. These can work as great gifts to give as well. I personally love the mugs. Drinking coffee or tea in a nicely personalized mug with photos of the people you love. It's sure to put a smile on your face :)

Or snuggle up in a soft fleece blanket with a relaxing photo on the front. Maybe a photo that makes you feel like your on a vacation...Lying in the sand on a beautiful beach... Or if you're child's daddy is away in the army; I had a friend who's husband was away and their daughter missed him tremendously so she had a blanket made for her daughter, filled with different photos of her and her daddy all over it. Such a sweet idea.

Shutterfly has all kinds of wonderful photo options, great for any occasion. And with lots of Holidays coming up, including Mother's & Father's Day, Graduations and Birthdays, it's a great time to personalize a heartfelt gift at Shutterfly today!


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*This post is made possible by Shutterfly's sponsorship and I will be compensated for my honest review. Image's belong to Shutterfly. All opinions are my own.

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