DIY Lotion Dispenser

   I always see the super cute soap dispensers made out of canning jars and I wanted one for myself, to hold our lotion in the bathroom. I could never find them in stores though! So I decided I could make one myself.

    I took an empty, cleaned spaghetti jar, drilled a whole in the top, and used the lotion squirt pump (had to trim the tube to fit) to make it. I then painted the lid black and took the "cocoa butter" sticker from a previous lotion bottle, cut it to size, and put it on the jar! It may not be as cute as a canning jar or the ones I've seen online but I think it turned out alright :) 


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    This is Brittany from Miss Yellow Shoes.

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  2. I love this idea, I can make it to match whatever room it's in. Thanks for sharing. #temporarywaffle


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