Our Kitten& DIY Cat Toys

   We finally got our kitten, on May 25th! He (We're hoping he is really a he and not a she!!) was born on April 17th...the person we got him from said his mother was feral and he was just ready to give the kittens away (there was 3 of them)  so we got him at 5 weeks old :) He is adorable and FULL of energy. Quite the little booger right now lol. But he's a cutie ...we named him Mr. Bumpus. We got the name from a book my son got from the Library called Robobots by Matt Novak. One of the characters was named Mr. Bumpus and it just seemed to fit :)

Here is our Mr. Bumpus:

In our wait of bringing him home, me and my lil man made the kitten some toys! The feather stick is made from a tree branch stick, with yarn wrapped around it securely, and feathers tied to the end. So simple and free-we used what we had on hand! And it's one of the kittens favorite toys! The next toy, lil man made. Its a ball of yarn wound up. I made sure it was secure.. which I thought it was, until we actually brought this kitty home and he played with it lol...
Anyway, he's been having fun with our DIY kitty toys. :)

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