BiC Soleil Savvy Shavers Review

     I love getting to try out new shavers because I am always looking for which shaver can give the closest shave, and leave my skin feeling soft! This time around, I tried BiC Soleil Savvy shavers.

I love how these shavers are disposable BUT instead of throwing the whole shaver away, you buy the shaver that comes with a a refillable cartridge system so you just pop on a new blade each time it's needed! Imagine the savings!

The Bic Soleil Savvy shaver comes with the shaver handle-which has a rubber grip for extra control- and four refill cartridges. Each cartridge has triple blades and 2 Vitamin E lubricating strips across the tops. The cartridges are pivoting heads to give you a closer shave. And you can find them ate most grocery stores, drug stores, and mass retailers like Walmart, at approximately $7.49. Using a $3 off coupon (also received) will make them only $4.49!! Great deal.

   I was excited to try these shavers because there's so much greatness to them! But...I was a little dissapointed. I found them leaving my legs stubbier then I would like! And they gave me razor burn :( I think I will be sticking to my BiC Soleil Shavers with 4 blades instead :) But I will continue to try these blades and see if maybe I change my mind ;)

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