Great Baby Deals, Less then $3!!!

I got another great deal!

    I received a booklet of coupons from Comforts for Baby, filled with a lot of freebie coupons. With these coupons, I got great deals!!! Another baby shower gift for less then $ this case's less then $3 :)

I used my coupons and got:
  • A box of  82 Diapers *free*
  •  Strawberry Apple Flavored Little Puff Snacks *free*
  • Teething Ring *free*
  •  Bottle Washer $2.29

Since I do not have a baby at the moment (my baby is now 5!) these work great for a baby shower gift for my cousin who's having her first baby next month! I bought bigger diapers because everyone always gets the tiny diapers for the baby to use when it's born, but never ones to grow she can use these later on, same with the puffs :)

Can't beat the price though!! I hope I get good deals like these when we have another baby!!

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