My Friend Bernard Movie Review

   My Friend Bernard is an animated children's film with a narrator for the movie. If you've seen Pocoyo, it's similar to that style.

   It's about a boy named Sam who is scared of everything. In the movie, it seems that Sam is just a baby but at the same time, he's older, so I'm not really sure how old he is lol. But a man dressed as Santa, ends up giving Sam a magic pendant that allows him to travel around in a large cup, with a dog as his pilot. He ends up in a snowy world, where he meets two penguins (the female is named Eva, just like my kitten! haha) and Bernard, the big polar bear. Sam ends up facing a lot of obstacles and scary things, helping him overcome his fear and face all kinds of things he never thought he could!

I found this movie to be very cute. It was fun to watch it with my son and eat our popcorn and M&M's together :) It had a lot of humor which filled my son with laughter! It's a silly children's movie all together but a great one at that! I like that it helps in getting over fears and teaching to face the scaries :)

*Something I wanted to add in, that I completely forgot about, was my favorite part in this movie! It was in the beginning and Bernard, the polar bear, was trying to catch fish for dinner. His way of doing so, was cutting a hole in the ice and farting into the water! Haha, the foul smell of the farts made the fish come up. I know that's a bit crude humor for a kids movie but it was pretty hilarious.

My Friend Bernard is about 70 minutes long and has not yet been rated. It features a trailer and slide show.

You can find it  at most Red Box locations, Target, Walmart, and

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This post is made possible by Phase 4 Films and ChildsPlay Communications, in which I received the video to review. No compensation involved.

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