Yogurt Flat Cake+Recipe

Yogurt Flat Cake was something I just whipped up together on my own, tossing ingredients here and there, seeing what it came of. Here's a jist of what I added in:

Milk (about 2 TBS-ish)
Flour (approx 2 c)
Baking Powder (about 1tsp)
Baking Soda (about 1tsp)
Sugar (approx 2 c)
Vanilla (some drizzles)
1 Egg
a dash of salt
Drizzle of Lime Juice
3/4 Container of Strawberry Yogurt (you can use a different flavor for different tastes)

I mixed all of it together so it was a liquidy texture-similar to cake batter. 
I poured into a greased glass casserole dish and baked in the oven at 375 degrees til done.

Came out tasting delicious!

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