Lin Yi's Lantern Book Review+Craft Project

I won the Barefoot Books Giveaway over at Frugality Is Free awhile back and got to choose a book I wanted. I chose the children book called "Lin Yi's Lantern"

It's and adorable story about a boy who so badly wants a Chinese Rabbit Lantern and hopes to have change leftover from his shopping trip his mother sent him on, so he could by one. He came down to his last little bit of money and was about to purchase the lantern, then realized he had forgotten to by his Uncles items needed. So instead of being selfish, he put his uncle first and bought him those things. In the end he finds that putting others before you will always work out for the better in the end.

My son loved this book. And there was a great little activity instructional in the back of the book, to make your very own Chinese lantern craft. It was a lot of fun and my little boy enjoyed it as well.

Here is the drawing my son did, for his lantern.

 He then folded it in half (hotdog way) and cut the slits..

 Then unfolded it and rolled it, taping the edges and added on a handle!
I then made a small bowl like insert into the bottom of the lantern (using a mini cereal box cut to size) and taped that in. Then we added a battery operated tea candle for it to glow. So much fun!

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