UNREAL 77 Candy Review #1

The first Unreal Candy I tried was UNREAL 77: Chocolate peanut butter cups.

You can see below, the comparison of the Unreal cups to Reese's cups and the natures fruit in these are, believe it or not, Grapefruit!! Amazing! I didn't even taste grapefruit in them.

They taste so similar to Reese's, although a slightly different texture. And a little more salt in some bites. You can taste the difference in chocolate, which lead me-in all honesty- to prefer Reese's over these ones, but for being healthy, they were still delicious! Which makes them that much better. As you can see above, they have put 2 extra grams of fiber in, and 10 grams LESS of sugar! That is one thing I didn't taste a difference in. This candy is not gross or unsweetened like a lot of healthier candy versions out there.I loved the unreal logo designs they imprinted on the backs of these candies too :) So fun.

I definitely recommend Unreal candies to everyone out there.

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