Green Apple Slushie!

I have been eye balling the new Fall flavors at our local coffee shop...things like Pumpkin latte's, caramel salted mochas...Green Apple Slushie...

Now I'm not sure why I chose a slushie on a cold day, over the warm delicious coffees, but I've been wanting to try the green apple flavor since it came out, and finally did!

But I'm sad to see, I was a bit dissapointed :( It tasted like apple juice with ice chunks in it. I could have made that at home!! The only awesome part is the color. A cool neon green look...but I could have easily made that too, with food coloring.

So, not too happy with the $3.95 spent on a not so very exciting drink, but atleast now I know and next, I can go for the warm drinks! :)

Whats your favorite Fall flavored beverage?

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