Setting Up For Halloween

Living in an apartment, moving too often, makes it difficult to decorate the way I want. I dream of, someday having a house that I can decorate just how I want. Having a storage room or garage that allows me to keep a tub of decor just for each separate holiday. But for now, I just do with what I can. I went out and bought some super fun $4 Halloween candy corn lights. Great colors, so I can keep them up for Thanksgiving too! And I let my son pick out something. He chose a pose able furry spider :) It was marked down for $1! For the rest of the decor, I just used what I had on hand, which was the fun leaves, put on with sticky tack, and will be able to stay all through Thanksgiving too. And a hanging skeleton, which I got after Halloween last year for only $1.50! Somewhere along the way, he lost a leg lol.

And in the frame you see to the right, I printed out the free Halloween poem from Party Box Design to complete my decor. For now anyways ;)

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