DIY Barbie Hair Curls

I came across this totally fun post from Beads,Braids & Beyond on how to transform your Barbies straight hair into a curly African-American type style! Me, not having a daughter just yet, I didn't have an excuse to buy a Barbie..but the little girl inside me just had to try this... Sooo I went out and bought one just for it! I figured the Barbie could be added to my tub of Barbies I had as a kid, that I plan to give to my someday daughter :)

The photo below is borrowed from Beads, Braids, & Beyond and how their Barbies hair transformed!

(not my photo) Source: Beads, Braids & Beyond Blog

See why I had to do it? It's wonderful! I found a Barbie from Big Lots for $5.50. Great price for this experiment :) I followed all instructions: Wrapping small sections of the Barbies hair in pipe cleaners, dipping her hair in boiling water for a count of 10, letting her sit over night til hair was dry, and unrolling pipe cleaners from hair, cutting straight ends...but mine didn't quite turn out as cute.
Here's my Barbie before her hair transformation.  
Straight hair.
And during:

The curls on my Barbie just didn't turn out right :/ I'm not sure what I did wrong.

But I made it work anyway :) 
I ended up braiding her hair up top and pulled it back into a half pony tail. 
It works right? :)

I love the idea of giving your Barbie beautiful curls 
so I will be trying this again, in the future, when more Barbies are bought :)

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