DIY Glow Jar

   After Halloween, we had some left over Glow bracelets that needed to be used up. They were ones we used while we trick or treated, that I threw in the freezer afterward to see if they would hold their glow. Turns out they do! I kept them in there for a few days and once I pulled them out, they still worked! So I decided to make a glow jar-a fun idea I found on Pinterest. I followed this great tutorial by The Gold Jelly Bean.

Things you need:

  • a jar with lid
  • gloves
  • glow sticks
  • tulle 
  • scissors

 You put the tulle in the jar and with gloves on  
(to protect from glow stick chemicals and glass inside them) you begin cutting the glow sticks in half and empty the contents into the jar. This part can get aggravating if you're a perfectionist like me, and want all the contents to fall in. You have to shake the sticks a little in there. I used 3 of the glow bracelets for this. Here is how the finished glow jar looked with the light on.

 And the glow jar with the light off! Pretty! Didn't look much like I expected it to look, according to all the sites of other people doing this, but for our first time it's pretty cool!

 My son wanted it to glow even more 
so we just dropped in some more glow bracelets and called it good :)

 I will be trying this again next time I buy glow sticks, 
but I will definitely be using more to maybe capture that fuller glow!

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