Furminator Review

Have you ever used the Furminator for your pet?

If you haven't heard of the Furminator, it's an incredible brush for your pet, that is suppose to get all the undercoat hairs that tend to get lose and shed all over you an your home.

Visit http://www.furminator.com/videos to see videos on how the Furminator works and see it's amazing grooming ability!

 We bought one for our cat, who is a long hair Siamese, because her shedding was getting out of hand. We have bought several different brushes and none of them seemed to work very well! We had watched several reviews on the Furminator and decided to spend the fifty some dollars, to buy the Furminator.

I so badly wish I would have recorded a video of the first time we used it on her! It was exactly like you see in other videos, just wads of hair come off. I was able to snap a few photos of the beginning of combing her with the Furminator but these pictures still don't do it justice! So much more hair came off of her, even after the photos! I absolutely love the Furminator and am amazed at all the hair that has been coming off of her. Just to imagine, all that hair could have been furballs stuck inside her belly...it's so gross to think that!

My only complaint of the Furminator and all that hair coming out is that it flies in the air and sticks to our clothes pretty bad, while we're grooming her lol. To fix this, I suppose buying the vacuum accessory would help. Also, my cat only likes for us to brush her for the first 30 seconds...after that she hates it haha. I have still found a lot of her hairs shedding on our bedding or when we hold her, so I'm not sure how far in to the Furminator usage, it will take until her shedding is lessened by 90% but we shall see.

One last thing I noticed is her hair length looked slightly different after some brushing. Almost as if her coat was being cut with the Furminator. Though it claims to not be cutting hair, it had me wondering. But after a few more uses, her coat seems to be looking better.

We will continue to use the Furminator and hope to be seeing less shedding soon!

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