Yoga & A CrockPot

I was a part of The Neilsen Company and SymphonyIRI Group for the National Consumer Panel (NCP) , as a consumer voice, to make an impact in the marketplace. With a provided scanner, I would scan barcodes of all my purchases, as well as take surveys,and upload weekly for NCP to receive my transmissions of purchases. In return, I would get rewarded points and with those points, I could exchange them for different rewards.

I've been part of the panel for a couple of years and found it pretty time consuming after a bit. I didn't rack up many points very fast but recently I decided to cash in my points and discontinue my membership. With those points, I decided to get a Crockpot and I had just enough points leftover to get a small something else...which was only 1 of two choices: Either adorable baby-leg warmers (which I would have LOVED to get but I don't have a baby at the moment :/ ) Or a Regeneration Yoga & Pilates DVD. I chose the DVD...but only because I don't have anyone to get the cute baby warmers too lol. I suppose I could use the Yoga & Pilates work outs now :)

 Here is the crockpot I got and it is HUGE!! I've never used a crockpot so it should be fun finding new ways to cook with :) If you have any great crockpot recipes you wanna share, let me know! :)

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