Growing Green Onions & Other Indoor Gardenings

Have any DIY indoor gardening tips to share?

   I've came across a few while searching through pinterest but one in particular I wanted to try, also because my mom had done it and had extremely good luck with it!

Growing green onions from the white ends of the ones you buy in the store!!

It seemed so easy and I thought it could sit in my kitchen window.

Doesn't it look cute in my tiny white coffee cup?

Cute..all but it didn't last. It attracted gnats so I had to toss it :(

So if you've tried this, how did it turn out for you? I hope to try this again in the future when we move out of this apartment that seems to attract gnats easily!

*UPDATE: I tried this again, but planted them in a tiny pot outside on my balcony...
it attracted aphids, bad. What rids aphids? (besides ladybugs lol)
Needless to say, my green onions didn't survive.

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