Juicer Pulp Cake!! {with recipe!}

   My hubby bought me a juicer! I'm excited about it :) I've used the juicer a few times now and love it! I love how the fruits and veggies make such beautiful colors. The first time I used my juicer, I wanted to find a use for the pulp, besides just throwing it away. I looked online and found a lot of people said to throw the pulp in your compost bin..well..I don't have a compost bin lol..it's hard to in a little apartment...so I decided to put it to another use. I've seen that people use the pulp in different recipes like breads, muffins, pancakes, ect. I remembered I have an excellent Carrot Cake Recipe so I decided I would just use that and use the juicer pulp in place of the carrots!!

My juicer pulp contained:

  • carrots
  • apples
  • celery 
  • oranges

 I did two batches of this, two different times in the day to have the amount of pulp needed which is about a cup and a half. I followed my carrot cake recipe (below) and baked. It smelt so delicious and came out even tastier! The juicer pulp made it really moist too! It's good by itself or with frosting. I made a cream cheese frosting to top it, but if you're wanting extra healthy, leave out the frosting! ;)

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