Old Spice Body Wash...for kids hehe

Have you ever seen the Old spice Body Wash commercials with Terry Crews?? If not you can watch the video below:

My son thinks it's just the funniest thing ever and has said he wants Old Spice body wash for himself since he's seen the commercials! lol...so for a last minute Christmas present, we bought a normal bottle of Old Spice, emptied the contents into another empty container so my husband could use the manly body wash, then washed the container out and poured kiddy body wash into it! Much better on our sons skin. My husband found pictures of Terry Crews doing the commercial and he taped them all around the bottle so they wouldn't damage when wet. My son thought this gift was hilarious and loves it!! He uses it in the shower every night and says "Is that my left bicep? No, it's my, aaabdominal's..P-p-p-power! Boom!" hahaha such a memorable gift for him!!

                                    (front and back)

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