Re-Homing My Kitty :(

It's been a sad past week as we had to re-home our 9 month old kitty. I really didn't want to get rid of her but it was becoming a major problem in our family. She had always been feisty since she was tiny, just as Siamese are. But I thought with age, she would get better... though she only got worse. She came to the point where she would hiss, show her teeth, and growl really big at us. We believe this came about, due to trauma of her first 4 weeks alive. The man we got her from said her mother was feral and he had found them in a field. At the time, I knew basically nothing on feral cats and their attitudes, and I just figured her mom was the feral one, and that it had nothing to do with herself. I guess I was wrong. Looking back, that should have been my first red flag. My second red flag should have happened the day we got to pick her from the litter. She was 4 weeks old and the man who found her and her siblings, kept them on their carpet with a box upside down over them. I really don't know how long or often they were kept that way, but it seemed to me, that's how they lived since they were found. I wish I would have asked questions. I guess I was just too excited about finally getting a kitten, since I had waited five years for my husband (who originally disliked cats due to past trauma) ok'd me in getting one with the stipulation that he had to agree to the one we chose. We chose her from the litter because she seemed the mellowest and snuggled right up to my husband, stealing his heart. At the time we were really wanting a male kitten, but once we held her, it really didn't matter. After much researching on cat behavior, I realized a 3rd flag was shown. She hissed at me, when she was just 5 weeks old. I found online, that kittens who hiss, usually grow up with behavior issues as well. I wish I would have put all that together before we purchased our kitten. I never found out if the man bottled fed her previously, or how she ate. All I knew is she was adorable. And that we could have her at 5 weeks old. She was already eating solid kitten food at that age but I attempted giving her a kitty bottle and she wouldn't take. As our kitten grew, we talked to several people on her anwry behavior, with most people saying she would outgrow it in time. I wish that were true. But mixing a Siamese with being Feral, it doesn't make for a good outcome. The search went on, for finding her a new home...I wanted the perfect home. Something better then what we could give. We found a sweet older lady to take her, but just two days after she had her, she told me it wasn't working out. I was bummed because it seemed like the perfect home. It was quiet and calm. Kid-free and she was the only pet. But the hissing and growling didn't stop. After a lot of stress and racking our brains, we decided a shelter was the only option. I absolutely did NOT want that. Thank goodness my dear mother contacted her cousin who has a Farm, and said she would take her! I was so relieved because a Farm is the perfect scenario for our feral born kitty! So we took her there and she got to be introduced to several other animals. Quite a change for her since she has been the only pet since day one lol. Almost a week has gone by since she's been gone and I miss her dearly. But I know this was the best thing to do for her, and us. I'm just happy she can embrace her feral side now, like she always wanted.

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