National Pancake Day! 2/28/2013

Today was National Pancake Day!! I made the day fun for my little man, starting with making Pancakes and homemade syrup together! We made some fun little pancake characters as you see below :)

                                                    Our Pancake Day table set :)
Later I had my son do a ingredients paper, an idea I got from Kitchen Counter Chronicles, where they learn on the ingredients to make pancakes and where they come from.

He got to play Pancake Frisbee Toss (which I don't have a picture of but i made "pancake frisbees" from cardboard) and Sew some fun felt pancakes too! (My pancake is on the left, his, he sewn all by himself is on the right) He decided they needed butter so we sewed yellow pom poms on... Yes they look a little... interesting... haha

 We had a nice Pancake day and filled our belly with the yummy pancakes :) Hope everyone else had a terrific National Pancake Day and ate a pancake or two-or three or four! ;)

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