Ignoring The Table

You ever see a piece of furniture sitting alone and abandoned, just begging for you to take it home and make it beautiful again? Living in an apartment, I see random items being put next to the dumpster that all seem to speak something to the "renew and make beautiful" inside me... but I withhold because I don't want to become a hoarder lol Not that I'd ever let myself be..I can just imagine what that ugly something could be turned into. I usually go on with my life, and leave that item there to be thrown in with the other recycled mess...thinking of the what-if's and the what-could've-been's. These past few days, there was a retro style, two tiered side table sitting out there. (similar to the pic on the side) It's not a piece of furniture I really find attractive, but every time I would walk past, it spoke to me "I could be beautiful."... "A little cleaning and paint would make me pretty" ... I just walked on by...Now that the table is gone, I keep imaging what it could have evolved into, if I just took it.

What piece of furniture has "spoken" to you lately?

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