Homemade Meatloaf "Cupcakes"

This past April Fools Day, I really wanted to make the meatloaf cupcakes to trick my son... but..I never got around to it that day so I ended up doing a random surprise dinner day lol. When I put the plate of food in front of him, at the table, he says "whaaat?? cupcakes??" and later went to tell me they looked weird and wondered why we were having them...They do look pretty unappealing for a sweet cupcake lol But it was still humorous and fun to make!

*Very simple too. You just mix your ground beef mixture as you would any meatloaf, and place the meat into foil cupcake liners, bake til cooked through and top with seasoned (or colored for extra fun) mashed potatoes! You could also top with a cherry tomato to look like a cherry ;) Or maybe add super tiny cut chives as "sprinkles" TI put my mashed potatoes into a sandwich baggy and cut the tip so I could pipe it like frosting. This was slightly difficult because my mashed potatoes had a few extra chunks! (Tip: Make sure you potatoes are cooled before you place in baggy-You can place back in oven to warm the potatoes.)

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  1. That's pretty inventive! I can definitely see myself serving these to my gang!


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