House on Plunkett Street Book Review

House on Plunkett Street is another Lorena Bathey book I am so glad I got to read! It's about a girl named Phoebe Bertram who lives a boring life living with her parents and brothers. She decides to move away to California hoping to end the slumpy boring life, only to find that it moved with her. Until things started changing in a negative way, her job becoming uncertain and her apartment changing to a condo so she would need to buy it or move...Phoebe decides it's time to look for a new place. Her friend knows of the perfect apartment where everything falls perfectly and Phoebe moves in. From there, her life changes for everything better then she imagined...Everything feels just right to her and then the moment comes...she see's 3 ghosts on her couch. Each ghost brings something different to Phoebe, helping her life blossom into everything it should have been.

   I tremendously loved this book! Another book you just don't want to put down. You will want to read it in one sitting! lol really, it's that good. Every person Phoebe comes across, is a new character you wish you could meet in real life. From Mr. Jameson, the apartment owner, who has such a sweet demeanor...I love that he allows Phoebe to make her space her own. He says "If you want to do some painting before you move in, feel free. I believe your space should be your space." The reason I like that part is because I am a painter..I love to paint and every apartment I move into, I wish I could paint my walls. All growing up, my mom let me choose my bedroom wall colors and let me paint it was a source of therapy for me lol..It gave me strength and a sense of self expression... It helped in so many ways. So Mr. Jameson's idea on making your space your own should be adapted by every apartment owner.
    I loved each ghosts perception on life and the energy they brought to Phoebe. One explaining how a woman's self worth was measured in her was measured by how you took care of your husband and children, and whoever else was dependent upon you. I wish the world now days would measure a woman's self worth like that still, instead of how our bodies look. And saying "Everything you own should make you happy." this is so true. You should find happiness in everything possible!
     The last ghost that visited Phoebe, I found was the most helpful for me. She brought real talk. They all did, but this one hit me the most. Words that I can use in my daily life. She hits the nail on the head when she wrote "You women today are spoiled, and you all want a man to sweep you off your feet and then live in a fairy tale castle. That isn't real. Life is hard work, and so is being with someone you love. It takes effort and fairy tales don't have a place there." How true is that.
      I feel like there were bits and pieces throughout this book that spoke to me. Reading the House on Plunkett Street changed me. Parts of it have been placed into my soul and touched my heart. Things I needed to read were read. I just loved it so much. I will end this review with two quotes from the book that I found to be helpful.

"stop trying to make sense of what you don't understand. Don't try to think thing through that you'll never be able to make heads or tails of."  {Sounds like something my husband would tell me hehe}

And the biggest one:

 "it's how you react that will make the difference

Choose to react the best way possible. 
I highly recommend reading House on Plunkett Street. 
You won't be sorry you did!

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  1. Thank you so much for the love for House on Plunkett Street. And I'm SO glad that you found so much to love and bring away from this book. I am privelged that you love my work and talk about it so beautifully.

    I am a fan of yours!

    Lorena Bathey


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