My Barefoot Book $15 Gift Card (put to use!)

Awhile back, Barefoot Books was giving out $15 gift cards to everyone, to get a book from their site, for free!! I chose the book "Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon" and had a little bit left over to get the Niamh's Fairy Horse print because I liked it for myself hehe...but really, I had the idea to use it in my future daughters room so I went ahead and got it. Kinda wishing now that I wouldn't have since I don't know when they day will come and it's just one more thing to hang on to, but I'm sure I'll find a use for it eventually lol. Anyways, the Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon book is cute. I love the illustrations in it and Herb's heart. Even though the other dragons are trying to convince him to become a meat eater like them, to escape being captured, Herb stays true to himself and what he believes and everything turns out great in the end. A very cute read and you can do some fun activities with your child after. In the story, Herb makes a soup which he calls "Herbs Famous Lakewater Veggie Slurp" made of butter, leeks, onions and potatoes. This would be a fun activity to do with your child, making your own veggie slurp :) Or having the child make their own paper dragon with one of these printouts:

Here is my son's dragon turnout :)

Maybe making a healthy dragon snack too!

Lots of fun can come from Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon! Thank you Barefoot Books!

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